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• There are nearly 40,000 species of spiders world-wide and about 3,800 in the United States.

• Spiders rarely bite people and only do so as a means of defense.

• Spiders range from small enough to comfortably balance on the tip of a pencil to almost 14 inches in diameter!

• The average person will encounter some 50 different kinds of spiders in their lifetime. Of those, only about a dozen are capable of piercing the skin with their fangs.

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Little Miss Muffet was a real person. Her name was Patience Muffet and she was the daughter of Thomas Muffet, a late 16th century entomologist. His book "Insectorum Theatrum" contained the first illustration of an insect, collected in North America on Sir Walter Raleigh's second voyage. Muffet had a particular penchant for spiders and tolerated and even promoted them in his home. As was common at that time, he believed that spiders possessed medicinal qualities and that consuming them could cure a variety of ailments. Consequently, whenever poor Patience was ill, her father would mash spiders and spoon feed her the pulp. No wonder she was afraid of them!  
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