Rodents, roaches, ants, fleas and other pests have been here for what could be millions of years before us and Charlie's Spider Fighters battles to keep them from reclaiming their territory in and around your homes and businesses! In doing so we also strive to reduce chemicals and toxins. We promote healthy alternatives through prevention, exclusion, mechanical, biological or environmental means.

We provide integrated pest management programs geared to meet your exact needs. We design custom programs to meet your needs instead of pre-packaged approaches offered by other companies. We offer quality service and quick response to problems!

Whatever your pest, you can be sure we have the know-how to solve your problem. After a thorough examination of the troubling areas, along with any adjoining areas of concern, we make a recommendation for treatment, keeping in mind environmental concerns, cost and your specials needs. Quick response, personal attention, and understanding your unique needs is our specialty!

• Fly Control for horse or cattle farms or adjacent property

• Interior/Exterior rodent control for farms, industrial and inner city areas

• Exterior control of wasps, bees, flies and spiders for rental property, apartments and factory break areas

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